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Introduction to Clay Shooting

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North Ayrshire Shooting Ground

We are Scotland’s finest all weather shooting venue for all clay target disciplines including DTL, ABT, Olympic Trap, National Skeet, Olympic Skeet, Sporting, Compact Sporting & FITASC. We are regular hosts of National and International competitions while also catering for local shooting clubs and individuals alike. North Ayrshire Shooting Ground is a family run business established for over 25 years during which it has provided exemplary service to the shooting community.

We are proud of our professional and disciplined team, two of which have represented Scotland at International level at DTL and Olympic Skeet. We currently have 6 DTL layouts all are undercover and all weather, 4 ABT layouts are undercover and all weather, 2 National Skeet, 1 Olympic Skeet , a 14 stand sporting layout and an undercover 8 trap Compact Sporting layout.